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TYLER MELLINS (b. 1995, Mansfield, UK) works primarily with moving image and installations, though his practice frequently includes elements of writing, sculpture and performance.


His work often takes aesthetic cues from the supernatural, informed by his experience working closely with a team of paranormal investigators.  Adopting methodologies typically used to capture or communicate with ghosts, Mellins creates eerie experiences and opportunities to reflect on our changing relationships with information and technology in a post-truth era. 


Mellins’ works commonly assume the appearance of quasi-scientific apparatuses; instruments of measure, communication, and assessment… a zone of experimentation in which viewers’ propensities for belief might be tested.

- Jamie Sutcliffe

"Mellins, whose interest in magick and the occult informs his work, creates opportunities for audiences to test their belief through engagement and perseverance."

- Salena Barry

While not concerned with proving or disproving the existence of life after death, he aims for his work to reveal something to viewers about themselves or the world we live in. The encounters he creates challenge us to think critically about the information and images that appear on our screens, and to question the intentions of those on the other side.

He is currently based at Yorkshire Artspace and graduated from the MFA programme at Sheffield Institute of Arts in 2019.


2024 Betwixt, Crypt Gallery, London.

2023 Dark Echoes, Site Gallery, Sheffield.

2019 Post, Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield.

2018 (Mis)information, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield.  

2017 Abracadabra, The Holt, Sheffield.

2016 Nevermore, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield.


MFA Fine Art (Distinction)

Sheffield Institute of Arts.

BA Film & Media Production (First Class)

Sheffield Institute of Arts.


2024 Hotel Generation, Arebyte.

2022 Freelands Artist ProgrammeFreelands Foundation.

2020 The School of BroadcastingArts Catalyst.


2021 DYCP (Round 11), Arts Council England.



2024 A Host of HauntingsJamie Sutcliffe.

2023 Encounters, Salena Barry.


2023 On Desperately Seeking Susan, Megan Cooke for ExaminerLive.

2023 Sigils and dark echoes, Flick Jackson for Now Then.

2023 On Dark Echoes, Steven Allen for Our Favourite Places.

2023 Meet the Locals, Kat Hall for Our Favourite Places.

2016 On video art, Rony Robinson for BBC Radio Sheffield.


2022 Ghost in the MachineMillennium Gallery, Sheffield.

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